Kingdom of Tyrias

The Kingdom of Tyrias is the only powerful predominantly human kingdom. The Varulus line has ruled for generations. Tales say that The first Varulus king was a hero carving out his warband in spite of extraplanar forces and protected humanity and the assembled races willing to work under him. The Varulus line has always at least nominally supported the Church of Seraphic Ascension. Six major houses contain the nobility: Corin, Doyle, Varulus, Ulfar, Storrs, and Kavanagh. Slavery is not allowed. Adventurers require permits. Psions, Arcane and Divine casters are registered and require permits. The military is mostly defensive and largely out of training. The city guard sees far more action tht military with the exception of scouting parties. Adventurers are often hired to do much of the scouting though.

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Kingdom of Tyrias

Inherited Prestige Kellinadin