In the year 542 PB (Post Banishing) the Kingdom of Tyrias fell into a bloody ascension war after the death of King Edwin Varulus. Three worthy heirs fight for the throne: Varulus’ nephew, Aldin Ceridwyn, and Varulus’ second cousins, Wren Corin, and Tristan Doyle. The Church of Seraphic Ascension is also making a push for a theocracy, but does not hold the same sway as any of the other candidates.

Aldin would have easily inherited the throne, but his elven heritage kept the people from wanting him as their king.

Wren’s family was known for their mercantile back round, but held no stronger a claim than Tristan.

Tristan’s family was well known to have expansionist attitudes and a powerful military.

Inherited Prestige

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